My Princess

World Champion Assepoessie Aileen of the Tynogejest (Amelia Lili)

*14.08.2011 *Blue Cream (BLH g)

*HCM Neg. 11.11.2014 *PKD-Gentest/FeLV/FIV Neg.

Amelia Lili, is a very laid back cat, with the heart of a lion and the soul of a princess. A very regal cat who knows it… she is confident and enjoys being first in line, she deserves to be.

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My Blue Angel

Int.Ch. Majestic I'm a Lady de L'Eclipse (Imry)
*05.03.2013 *Blue Tabby Mackerel (BRI a23)

*HCM Neg. 10.06.2014 *PKD-Gentest/FeLV/FIV Neg

Imry is the most easiest going of all my cats; nothing bothers her, she eats really well (and usually polishes off everyone elses' portion too!). Although a BRI, her colouring and coat pattern will be a valuable asset to the BLH programme.

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My Silver Lining

Int.Ch. Majestic Cloud Seta d'Argento (Cloud)
*18.04.2014 *Black Silver Tabby Classic (BLH ns22)

*HCM Neg. 05.03.2015 *PKD-Gentest/FeLV/FIV Neg

I had not intended venturing into silvers, but when this little lady came along I could not resist. Cloud is already the boss of the household and such a sweetie too; everyone loves her.

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My Sweet Pea

Int.Ch. Majestic Dawn Heart & Soul (Havannah)
*07.02.2016 *Blue(Golden) Tabby Classic (BLH a22)

*HCM Neg. 10.03.2017 *PKD-Gentest/FeLV/FIV Neg

Havannah is Imry's daughter and has the gentlest nature. She is guaranteed a lap cat. As a classic tabby and with the right combination, her offspring will also be classic tabbies.

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My Ray of Sunshine

Int.Ch. Majestic Orelie v.d. Pfotchenhelden (Orelie)
02.02.2016 *Black Golden Tabby Classic (BRI ny22)

*HCM Neg. 10.03.2017 *PKD-Gentest/FeLV/FIV Neg

There are few golden classic tabby breeding lines carrying the longhair gene, so I wish to thank Eva for giving me the opportunity to try for this colour in longhair. Orelie is such an angelic beauty, she has stolen my heart!

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My Precious

Miss Emily (Em)

And last, but by no means least, may I introduce Emily… my elderly spayed European Shorthair, who has stuck with me through thick and thin! A true companion! She has a steadying influence on the youngsters and (touch wood!) at 17 years of age (anno 2017) though getting a little deaf, I hope not to have to miss her for many years yet!

As a hobby breeder, I wish to remain small and select focusing essentially on health and character. It saddens me every time I have to say goodbye to one of my girls, even though I know they are going to loving homes. These girls have formed me as a breeder and made Majestic Dawn what it is today!
They will NEVER EVER be forgotten, believe me!