My Aristocat

International Champion Miley of Oakley
*16.07.2011 *Black Tabby Classic (BRL n 22)

HCM Neg. 26.06.2012 * PKD-Gentest Neg * FeLV/FIV Neg.

If Miley were human, she would be a true aristocrat… she simply excels in grace and refinement. She is such a well balanced, intelligent cat, always reflecting before she takes action. *Sterilised* *Rehomed*

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My Golden Girl

World Champion Majestic Dawn Allons y Aurora
*16.09.2012 *Black Golden Tabby Classic (BRL ny 22)

HCM Neg. 30.08.2013 * PKD-Gentest Neg * FeLV/FIV Neg.

Aurora is Miley's daughter, a true angel. Like her mother she reflects before she acts, but is a strong-willed little madam when she wants to be. It is wonderful to have bred such a gracious creature. *Sterilised* *Rehomed*

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