World Ch. Assepoessie Aileen of the Tynogejest x World Ch. Now or Never of Pilgrim's Paradise

BKH/BLH kittens born 19 March 2016
Name Sex
Majestic Dawn Innocenti Grand BLH (Innocenti)
Majestic Dawn In Your Dreams BKH (Indigo alias Puck)
Blue Tortie
Majestic Dawn Isle of Britain BLH (Issidy alias Izzy)
Girl Cream
Majestic Dawn Ive Gotta Be Me BLH (Insigna alias Ice)
Girl Lilac Tortie

Kittens @ 1 year

Kittens in their New Homes


@ 11 weeks

@ 8 weeks

@ 5 weeks

@ 2 weeks - eyes open

First photos @ 5 days