30.12.2017 Thank you for visiting my website - Best wishes for the New Year!
All kittens have now been reserved
18.12.2017 Successes at the show in Heinsberg this weekend: Rembrandt - European Champion, Maxamelia - Kitten Champion and Neige - Best in Show Youngster

29.10.2017 Five Black Golden Classic Tabby kittens born BSH/BLH - O Litter

24.09.2017 Five Black Silver & Golden Classic Tabby kittens born - N Litter

12.08.2017 Kittens Best in Show Litter at the Deutsche Edelkatze Show in Heinsberg
09.06.2017 And... Introducing... Mister Rembrandt Van Rijn!! >see My Boys
05.06.2017 M Litter has arrived! Silver Tabby Classics in Longhair!
02.06.2017 Havannah and Orelie now have their own Home Page! >see My Girls
22.04.2017 Aurora has gone to join Miley at Rosi & Jürgen's
19.03.2017 All kittens are now reserved

17.02.2017 Imry gives birth to 4 kittens
23.12.2016 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Thank you all for the lovely photos!
Introducing further my new girl... Orelie... More news of her at a later date...
05.06.2016 Havannah & Orelie both BIS at the EurRegio Cat Show in Aachen
15.05.2016 Amelia Lili's kittens born 19.03.2016 - I Litter
Miley in her new home with Rosi & Jürgen...
20.12.2015 Cloud gains her *International Champion* title
10.10.2015 Aurora gains her *World Champion* title
20.11.2014 Amelia Lili gains her *World Champion* title